10 Corporations You Really Shouldn’t Trust

They lie about what they’re selling us, poison our planet, and torture animals all to make a profit. Discover the 10 major corporations you really shouldn’t trust with Fullonfeed.

10. Coca-Cola – Coke were sued for ads that claimed Vitamin Water was healthy despite containing 33g of sugar.  They didn’t apologize, instead stating no reasonable person would believe the ads were true.

9. Wrigley’s –  Wrigley’s faced a $6m fine after claiming Eclipse gum was scientifically proven to kill germs. Charging $10 a pack, Wrigley’s spent millions falsely advertising before having to compensate their customers.

8. L’Oreal – The beauty company had to pull ads featuring Julia Roberts for overly airbrushing the star. Refusing o show the unaltered image to the Advertising Standards Agency, they started it was aspirational, not realistic.

7. Hoover – 3 Hoover executives were sacked after preventing UK customers from redeeming an offer of free flights. They set tight deadlines & introduced extra costs to avoid delivering the prize.

6. Ferroero  –   Ferroero  had to pay a $3m fine for false claim about Nutella’s health benefits. A mom sued after finding 1 serving contained 11g of fat despite adverts implying it formed a healthy breakfast.

5. Dior – The beauty company’s website & store staff falsely started that they did not carry out animal testing. They are 1 of many companies who reverted to the practice in order to secure Chinese business.

4. Exxon Mobil Corp – The oil company hushed up accidental toxic releases which led locals to develop migraines & faint. In 5 years just 1 of their sites accidentally released 5.1 million pounds of toxic waste.

3. PricewaterhouseCoopers – In 2013 PwC’s head of tax lied about selling avoidance schemes to clients.  A year later discovered letters proved PwC & Luxembourg authorities planned industrial scales of tax avoidance.

2.   Koch Industries – One of the world’s largest companies was fined over half a million dollars for stealing oil. They were recorded lying about the 1999 theft from American Indian lands over 24,000 times.

1 .bp – BP failed to adequately plug the 2010 Mexican oil spill & did not admit the true amount spilled. Internal emails proved they lost 20 times the amount of oil they admitted to.


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