10 Facts About McDonald’s That Will Blow Your Mind

From pink slime to Guantanamo Bay, find out what goes on behind the golden arches with 10 shocking facts about McDonald’s. 10 Facts About McDonald’s That Will Blow Your Mind

10. In 2012 McDonald’s stopped using beef filler in their U.S. patties. Made by washing unwanted meat in ammonium hydroxide, it resembled ‘pink slime’.

9. A McJob is in the dictionary as a ‘low-paid job with few prospects’. A worker on min. wage would need to work 1.2 million hours to earn the $8.75 million paid annually to CEO Jim Skinner.

8. Between 1995 & 2000, almost all top prizes in the McDonald’s Monopoly promo were won fraudulently. $13 million in prizes were given to employees of the company running the promo.

7. Americans eat 5 billion pounds of McDonald’s beef a year. Amounting to 5.5 million cows, this is the total number of cattle in England.

6. Stella Liebeck suffered 3rd degree burns by spilling McDonald’s coffee in her lap. Her medial bills cost $10,000 but McDonald’s only offered $800. She won over $5,00,000 after a court battle.

5. McDonald’s serves 68 million people a day, which is almost 1% of the world’s population.  They sell 75 hamburgers a second.

4.  The first drive-thru opened to serve U.S. soldiers not allowed out of vehicles in uniform. When drive-thrus opened in China, confused customers got served at the drive-thru, parked their cars & ate in the restaurant.

3. The golden arches are more recognizable than the Christian Cross. 88% of people could identify the arches versus 54% fro the cross.

2. Guantanamo Bay has its own McDonald’s the first & only one in Cuba. Inmates who corporate are allegedly given Big Macs & fries.

1. In the 1960s the logo was going to be changed. Design consultant Louis Cheskin persuaded them not to as the golden arches subconsciously reminded customers of ‘Large Breasts’.

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