10 Mind Blowing Facts About Amazon, You Didn’t Know

Dinosaur Porn, Nazi jigsaw puzzles and a $2,904,980 CD-ROM – Fullonfeed  presents 10 Shocking Facts About the Internet’s biggest retailer!

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Amazon

10. In 2003 Amazon sold T-shirts reading “Keep Calm & Rape A Lot”. They’d already ‘I Love Heinrich Himmler’ slogan tops in 2008.

9. Movements of warehouse workers are constantly monitored by GPS tracking system. Employee receive warnings for spending too long talking to co-workers.

8. In 2010 Amazon Accidentally listed a CD-ROM for $2,904,980,000 (plus $3.99 shipping). 1 Customer bought the item ,however the site canceled the order.

7. The Amazon homepage went down for 49 minutes in January 2012.  During this time they missed out on nearly $5.7 million in sales. 

6. In Amazon warehouse handsets allocate time for each task -this can be as short as 33 seconds. Toilets breaks are timed & employee can be reprimanded for going too often.

5. Amazon warehouses have more square footage than 700 individual Madison Square Gardens combined. Warehouse workers will regularly walk up to 11 miles each day.

4. Founder Jeff Bezos froze his $81,840 salary in 1998. He is one of the lowest paid CEOs of a large company, though his security costs Amazon $1.68 million.

3. The American Jewish Committee sued Amazon for selling books denying the holocaust. The site was also criticized for selling jigsaw puzzles featuring Nazi Death Camp Dachau.

2. Amazon UK used the C-word in an advert for Christmas cards.  Though banned by the Advertising Standards Agency, Amazon declared it irreverent fun.

1. In 2013 Amazon were found selling pornographic abuse-themed e-books. Content included child abuse, incest & dinosaur porn.

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