10 Remarkable Facts About Reddit

Stickers, aliens and humpback whales all feature in these 10 remarkable facts about Reddit.

10. Founders Alexis Ohanian & Steve Huffman’s 1st idea was MyMobileMenu – a takeout ordering app. Lack of interest made ‘the front page of the Internet’ instead – Reddit.

9. Reddit is split into ‘subreddits’ where users post content on topics like politics or TV.  Obscure areas include pictures  of birds with arms, and worshiping Nic Cage as God.

8. Reddit holds the record for the world’s biggest Secret Santa. In 2012, 44805 people from 130 countries sent gift s to each other via Reddit.

7. The site was almost named Reddit, Popvox, Octoapp, Obaloo or 360Scope. Snoo was also considered, but this name was given to Reddit’s alien mascot instead.

6. When Reddit launched, the founders set up fake accounts to make it seem more active than it actually was.  Fake accounts and vote-rigging are vigorously moderated today.

5. Since Reddit was founded in 2005 only $500 has ever been spent on advertising the site. The entire budget was spent on stickers.

4. The 1st post on Reddit was made on June 23, 2005 by Alexis Ohanian. Linking to a site about UK documents on the Iraq War, the post was voted down.

3. Many Subreddits have caused controversy, especially those with racist or sexual content. In 2013, a subreddit incorrectly identified  innocent people as the Boston Bombers.

2. There’s a humpback named Mr Spalashy Pants thanks to Reddit. Reddit’s logo was changed to a whale and users chose the name on a Greenpeace Poll.

1. A CERN scientist who resembles Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman was sent a crowbar by Reddit users.It was to be used if the Large Hadron Collider ended the world.

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